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How WeGold Is Building a Blockchain-based “Fair-Share” Travel Platform for Chinese Millennials



The youth keep the world fresh. Each further generation of youth offers improvements upon the mark left by the generation before them. History tends to repeat itself eventually, but the change presented by the young keeps things interesting for society as a whole.

A shift recently began to take place within the travel industry, specifically involving Chinese and Southeast Asian travelers, that has left the latest generation demanding a more authentic and exciting cultural experience from their travels. The simple criteria of a warm, sunny beach with clear water and fresh coconuts that satisfied the previous generation no longer hits the spot for the next class of travelers seeking more from their traveling experiences.

These Chinese travelers represent a large demographic that currently finds themselves underserved. The reality is that modern travel industry giants, like TripAdvisor, Ctrip, and Expedia, focus on only the largest of markets to best leverage their authority status. These massive companies aren’t incentivized to change the formula of their business, given how far their current business models have brought them.

Just as the youth is responsible for keeping things fresh across many areas of life, it’s the entrepreneurs and new businesses who are responsible for addressing the newly forming demand not yet pressing enough for the industry giants to fully acknowledge.

How WEGOGO and WeGold Are Catering to Aspirational Travelers

Travel platform WEGOGO has correctly identified the changing times, centering its business around making it easy for Chinese travelers to find unique traveling experiences. By utilizing the WEGOGO platform, users are given complete access to novel traveling experiences and activities that enable them to live like locals, regardless of which country they visit.

Upon installing the mobile app on their phone (currently available on iOS and WeChat, Android coming soon) users can view aspirational stories and recommendations provided by community PathFinders before embarking on their travel plans. WEGOGO provides a direct connection to service providers, facilitating any questions you may have before reservations are made.

WEGOGO looks to add further innovation to its mobile app through the implementation of blockchain technology. The travel platform will soon be launching WeGold: the world’s first travel blockchain aimed at fueling Asia’s booming aspiration travel ecosystem. WeGold will incentivize users to discover, share, and connect to the world’s long tail of aspirational experiences. This revolutionary “fair-share” model will power the growth of the WEGOGO platform, resulting in a vibrant collection of authentic travel experiences for Chinese travelers to take advantage of.

The WEGOGO beta captured over 400 experiences across 10 island destinations, achieving 5,000 transactions to date. This clearly validates the demand for immersive cultural experiences by long-tail travel service providers. The WEGOGO platform aims to reach 125 island destinations and 16,000 activities by 2020 to further fuel the aspirational dreams of millennial travelers.

The WeGold ICO launch is imminent, so here’s what you need to know: the project has a hard cap of $88M (USD) and a minimum purchase amount of 0.2 ETH. There is no maximum purchase amount. There will be a total supply of 10 billion WeGold tokens, with a total of 3.4 billion made available for sale in this ICO round.

To find out how you can participate in the WeGold ICO, visit the official website here.

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