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Developer Discusses Cryptocurrency Use in Real Estate Business



Developer Discusses Cryptocurrency Use in Real Estate Business

Marc Roberts is the founder and owner of E11EVEN Partners, and he recently talked about cryptocurrency use in real estate.


He tackled the rising trend of purchasing real estate properties with virtual currency and the factors propelling this development.


Roberts also discussed some of the obstacles still in the way of further adoption of cryptocurrency in the real estate business.


We find this cryptocurrency-related news fascinating because it is about the growing trend of cryptocurrency use in real estate property acquisition. We had thought in the past that this development would materialize.


By sharing this report with our readers, we believe they will also feel more informed about the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency and real estate sectors.


Based on the update posted online by the New York City-based stock exchange Nasdaq Stock Market, Roberts is a successful real estate developer and entrepreneur.


As the owner and founder of E11EVEN Partners, he has witnessed his firm’s triumph in selling E11EVEN Hotel and Residences Miami, together with partner PMG. E11EVEN Hotel and Residences Miami is the United States’ fastest-selling new real estate development.


Moreover, it is the first pre-construction project in the country to accept cryptocurrency for deposits and residential transactions. In response to the unprecedented market demand, the E11EVEN Partners team announced E11EVEN Hotel and Residences Miami’s second phase even before breaking ground on this project’s first phase.


According to Roberts, cryptocurrency use in real estate business involves the virtual asset lending itself to the 24/7 pace the millennial demographic is accustomed to. He explained that virtual currency investors tend to skew the younger rather than the traditional stock market investors.


These millennial investors are, on average, 38 years old. Roberts cited that cryptocurrency use in real estate industry and its acceptance has attracted these young investors’ attention and opened the real estate market to a wider audience.


The E11EVEN Partners owner and founder pointed out that there is neither a downtime with cryptocurrency use in real estate business nor waiting for a bank to open to initiate a wire transfer. He remarked that this process makes crypto-assets favored by today’s young generation of investors.


Roberts relayed that confidence, consumer education, and understanding are the biggest factors driving the trend of a new proliferation of cryptocurrency-friendly listings. He also praised the Arena in Los Angeles, California, the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida, and the handful of cryptocurrency advertisements in this year’s Super Bowl.


The E11EVEN Partners owner and founder cited that these fascinating things are a sure sign that cryptocurrency has moved from the background to becoming a mainstream currency.


Although barriers like the slow adoption of cryptocurrency stand in the way of investors engaging in cryptocurrency use in real estate property acquisition, Roberts believes virtual currencies become more mainstream every month that goes by.


He also thinks education about cryptocurrency use in real estate property acquisition will continue to deepen consumer confidence. We are pleased to learn about Mr. Marc Roberts’s viewpoint.


He believes accepting cryptocurrency in real estate makes perfect sense, and we are on the same page as him.


We believe virtual currency has successfully moved from being a misconstrued buzzword to an enticing convenience for the parties on all sides of a real estate transaction.


Like Mr. Roberts, we think cryptocurrency use in real estate property acquisition will be the new normal in the near future, and all it takes is the continued proliferation of crypto-asset education for consumers.

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