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Developer Defends Norton 360’s Cryptocurrency Miner Feature



Norton 360's cryptocurrency miner

Security software provider Norton revealed last summer that it was adding Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner feature to its Norton 360 security suite. This month, the company clarified this virtual currency-related feature.


We find it interesting to read this report about Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner feature and share it with our followers. We gathered that this feature of the security program had been met with criticism lately, and sharing this news with our readers can help them learn about the truth.


According to the news posted online by sports and technology reports outlet TechnoSports, Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner is a component of Norton’s protection software. This feature gets installed in users’ computers, although Norton did not disclose this activity during the original setup procedure. 


Moreover, the security software provider touted its cryptocurrency miner feature as a safer option than downloading sophisticated and “unvetted” cryptocurrency mining applications from the Internet.


Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner feature was initially exclusively available to a small number of users. However, it now appears to be available to all users installing the Norton 360 protection software.


Spring Harris cited that Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner feature requires user agreement and unique device hardware to work. This Norton spokesperson asserted that they are open and honest about how their software functions on user devices, and they do not have any plans of modifying it.


Harris was responding to the query about if Norton would commit to making Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner feature always opt-in. The representative also replied to the backlash the security software firm has received lately, with users accusing it of secretly installing the cryptocurrency miner on their personal computers.


Furthermore, activists like Cory Doctorow had pointed out that Norton “sneaky installs” cryptocurrency mining software on users’ computers and takes a cut on the revenues. Publications such as Krebs on Security, Digital Trends, and PC Mag have reported on consumers expressing annoyance with Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner feature as well.


We think Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner feature should not miff users. We also believe this feature of Norton’s protection software would please cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 


We learned that Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner technically gets installed in a user’s computer, with the cryptocurrency mining application NCrypt.exe landing in the program’s directory. However, this feature will not perform anything until users are explicitly opt-in.


Therefore, we think users should not expect to install the Norton 360 protection software or security suite and immediately view their computer being sluggish while it calculates cryptocurrency in the background.


We understand why Norton has found itself at the heart of controversy for incorporating a cryptocurrency miner in its protection software. We suggest thoroughly explaining the new features it will introduce next time to its customers.


In this way, this company will not earn the criticism and annoyance of users which it had experienced with Norton 360’s cryptocurrency miner.

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