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Impact Earth, the art of creating financial and social wealth on the blockchain




New foundation Impact Earth is the first blockchain platform to support the origination, development, and management of Real Estate Impact Investments in developing countries that support the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). The IMPAXTXO Coin issued by Impact Earth provides easy access to a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Impact Earth will start offering full turn-key projects to companies that want to develop or improve their corporate sustainability profile, or reduce their carbon footprint by participating in proven CO2 reduction projects. By creating full transparency on the in-house developed IMPACTXO blockchain platform, the projects will be easier to manage and easy to report on; a first in the Impact Investment community.

Impact Earth is issuing a new cryptocurrency, called IMPACTXO Coin. Investors can participate in a coin that fits into any cryptocurrency portfolio, or regular investment portfolio. ‘Since the performance of the coin is supported by a large and growing investment class, there is a low correlation with other cryptocurrencies,’ says co-founder Patrick Chella. The ICO gives investors access to the Impact Investment market, allowing them to invest amounts starting at 10 dollars with a good return and an underlying value of the blockchain service offering and sustainable property developments across many countries. It is currently possible to participate at a discount on

The initiators have an international background. Co-founder Erik van Eeten and Co-founder Patrick Chella have seventeen years of experience in the banking and investment community. Co-founder Emil Bengtsson has several years of experience in programming, security, and blockchain development. The platform has local teams in The Netherlands, South Africa, Botswana, and other participating countries.

Impact Earth gathered a strong team of advisors in the field of technology, finance, developing countries, sustainable development, and climate change, to support the mission ( ). Important to the goals of Impact Earth is a partnership with world-renowned architect firm DoepelStrijkers ( which brings a unique carbon footprint-reducing affordable housing concept. ‘Realty Africa provides origination and financing structuring capabilities. Deloitte will assist in project due diligence. Thus, providing a full start to finish Impact Investment product offering,’ says van Eeten.

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