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Why Should Gamers Become Ether Legends.



Little concepts and technologies over the years have grown to be as relevant and have the potential to change the world in the same way the blockchain has. While it is frequently conceived as the workhorse and base of cryptocurrencies, and defined as little more than the method for recording transactions, light has been shed on how it can improve virtually any industry that we already know and understand.

Since it provides more than just a decentralised public ledger, even more so now with the creation of the Ethereum project and its smart contract technology, the blockchain is a system that can be implemented in pretty much anything to help transform it into a better and more efficient version of itself.

And when we say “anything”, we mean anything.

You see, most people and investigators refer to the blockchain as a way to make governments more transparent and efficient. Others say that the distributed ledger platform will make traditional financial institutions more efficient and secure. Some also establish that services such as healthcare can vastly benefit from this technology.

However, there are other industries that can see significant improvements by implementing blockchain technology, industries that many people don’t even think about when considering it.

One of the said markets is gaming. More specifically, we are talking about trading card games.

Ether Legends is a brand new project that is looking to give new life to the traditional game of collectables by merging it with the Ethereum platform to create an ecosystem that seamlessly blends tradition and modernisation.

But, why should gamers consider participating in Ether Legends?

Well, you see, Ether Legends is more than just an online trading cards game built on a different platform than others.

First of all, you have the fact that it takes a new approach that will benefit both traditional and online, competitive gamers by providing a bridge between physical and digital gaming and gives the benefit to all players in owning digital content, as digital assets secured by the blockchain.

They do this by giving access to physical trading items that can be acquired through stores in the same way people have done so over the years. The trick comes in the form of a QR code printed on said assets that, once scanned, will make the same card available in the digital part of the game, and part of the blockchain.

That means that anything you buy to play with your friends can be used to compete online, free of additional charges.

Additionally, said online tournaments include global rankings and leaderboards that gives a stronger sense of competition in the game that motivates players to improve for the chance of better rewards and prizes continually.

And, speaking of rewards, anything you earn in competitions can be invested into improving appearances (skins) or even transform it into real money. That is possible thanks to the ELET token created by the company.

Elementeum will be rewarded to the winning champion(s) of the arena and can be used to purchase items in the game’s marketplace. However, since it’s a cryptocurrency, it can also be traded in different exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or even fiat currencies.

Additional rewards called ‘digital assets’ (items, trading cards, skins, experience, etc.) will also be rewarded to players for their contribution to playing Ether Legends.

And if that isn’t enough, the open-sourced nature of codes written in the blockchain and the company’s willingness to help out similar projects will pave the way for a potential revolution in gaming, something hard to pass on.

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