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Alternative Ways to Make Money in the Crypto Industry



money in crypto industry

Although buying/selling cryptocurrencies or mining activities are the main areas where people choose to get involved, in reality, there are a few other alternative ways to join the crypto industry and generate an income. If you are searching for something else, here are four better ways to profit from the rise of this new industry.

#1 Blogging/vlogging

If you like to write articles or create video content, you could start a blog or a YouTube channel. That will imply that you already have relevant knowledge on a certain crypto niche and you will be able to provide much better info as compared to other people that are already doing it. There are plenty of blogs and channels related to crypto, but few of the people behind have insightful experience in the crypto world. Finding a way to provide much better content is not such a hard task.

#2 Affiliate programs

Many cryptocurrency projects design affiliate programs in order to increase their user base. Affiliates get rewarded in tokens or fiat money, by receiving commission for each new person registering with an affiliate link. You need to have marketing abilities and at the same be good at communicating with people online. At the same time, the challenge will be to find reliable projects that can provide long-term returns to people that bought tokens. Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, had proven to be reliable projects, but will they be the last? Not at all but filtering all the new projects to get to a few that will survive, will be a hard task.

#3 Cryptocurrency Events

Considering that you already have some insights into the cryptocurrency industry (you’ve worked in the blockchain field, or you’ve been blogging for a decent amount of time) setting up cryptocurrency events like seminars or workshops is another interesting idea. Some people don’t trust getting information online and instead would like to be in front of the one that educates them. Figure out what could be some of the areas where there’s interest from the public, see if there are other people already organizing related events, and if not, you can move ahead with your own.

#4 Coding

People talk a lot about buying/selling crypto, mining, but few of them manage to see the huge amount of potential and the reduced level of risk when it comes to coding blockchains. With the industry growing, companies are desperately searching for people able to deal with blockchains and in the long run, this will be a field where a lot of people will work. With such high demand at the present time, and with little supply of qualified labor, salaries are extremely attractive.

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