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Top 5 Altcoins under 1 Cent That Can Make You a Millionaire



Altcoins are touted to be the future of cryptocurrency instead of Bitcoin for different reasons, including transaction fees and speed. Since Bitcoin is highly priced, entry is extremely difficult for beginners and Altcoins offer a more affordable option. There are many high-potential Altcoins available today and it is important to invest in those with great features. Here are the top 5 Altcoins under 1 cent with great potential that you should consider investing in.

1. E-Currency Coin(ECC)

ECC or E-currency coin is an Altcoin that offers a few more fundamentals on top of the standard features by relying on various scaling methods. Messaging, name resolution and file storage are some of the extras that will be added to E-Currency Coin. It is now available at $0.002445.

2. InflationCoin

InflationCoin offers a unique way in which you can gain more coins. Coins are held in a wallet and users get rewarded for that. The more the coins you hold in your wallet, the greater your reward. InflationCoin is currently available at $0.00014.

3. Electra

Electra is designed to change the process in which the blockchain works by altering the block rewards, thereby increasing the demand. In recent times, the price of Electra has increased significantly and it is expected to increase even further. Its revolutionary block rewards will certainly appeal to more investors and this Altcoin can really make you a millionaire. It is currently available at $0.007768.

4. GCoin

While this coin has been with us since 2014, it has remained stable over the years. But since the start of the year, the value of GCoin has been increasing rapidly. Its current price is $0.000126.

5. Lindacoin

Lindacoin has been designed to offer fast and safe transactions, secure messaging, reliable wallet support and an impenetrable address that enhances anonymity. This Altcoin ensures this by relying on an innovative Mastercode that has not been witnessed with any other Altcoin. Its current price is $0.006393.

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