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The Graph: Cryptocurrency Entity Seen to Transform DeFi Industry



The Graph- Cryptocurrency Entity Seen to Transform DeFi Industry

Cryptocurrency analysts view The Graph platform and its native token as destined to revolutionize the decentralized finance or DeFi sector.

This cryptocurrency entity and its virtual asset have amazed users with their many advantages and useful features.

We understand that many of our readers who are cryptocurrency investors are still interested in other virtual coins to invest in, despite having poured their investment funding into established ones that have been in the crypto-asset market for a long time.

We think this news article about The Graph will interest them, so we are sharing it on our website. The Graph is a platform developed by its initial co-founders Yaniv Tal, who is the cryptocurrency project’s lead, Brandon Ramirez being the research lead, and Jannis Pohlmann being the technology lead.

They have collaborated for five to eight years and possess engineering backgrounds, per the news posted online by Crowdwisdom360, a website delivering updates, insights, and in-depth analysis on cryptocurrencies and virtual currency price forecasts.

Tal and Ramirez studied electrical engineering at the University of Southern California in the United States and worked together at MuleSoft.

The latter is an application programming interface or API developer tools firm that underwent an initial public offering and got sold to cloud-based software company Salesforce recently.

Besides MuleSoft, The Graph team comprises professionals from other cryptocurrency entities, including the Ethereum Foundation, Orchid, Decentraland, and OpenZeppelin.

As an indexing protocol, The Graph is responsible for inquiring information for Ethereum, proof of authority or POA, and InterPlanetary File System or IPFS. Its list will eventually comprise more networks.

Additionally, The Graph manages applications in the Web 3.0 ecosystem and the decentralized finance or DeFi system.

This indexing protocol is a platform that allows users to possess their subgraphs employed to obtain blockchain data if they want to develop APIs.

Decentralized applications such as Decentraland, Synthetix, Gnosis, Uniswap, DAOstack, Aragon, Balancer, and Livepeer will employ almost 3,000 subgraphs that thousands of developers have already deployed.

The $GRT Coin is The Graph platform’s utility token. This cryptocurrency can guarantee users’ data integrity and security.

The $GRT Coin trades at exactly US$0.1088 at the time of writing this report, per the trading price information posted on Coinmarketcap.

The Graph platform witnessed more than 7 billion queries last September 2020. This figure exhibited more than 50 percent month-over-month or MoM growth.

We understand that The Graph features a native token, the $GRT Coin, that virtual currency experts reckon as set to transform the decentralized finance sector. We think this cryptocurrency option is worth investing in based on its features and benefits.

After all, we gathered that The Graph’s virtual asset is very cheap at this point and will not imperil investors if another cryptocurrency market crash happens soon. Therefore, we recommend our followers try investing even a little in The Graph.

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