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ICO Presale Sells out for Toon Finance at Stage 1



ICO Presale Sells out for Toon Finance at Stage 1

United States – The presale of Toon Finance’s Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, sells out during Stage 1, where meme coins spiked after Elon Musk purchased Twitter.

Meme altcoins spiked when Elon Musk purchased Twitter, sealing a total of $44 billion. It’s a big move for the cryptocurrency industry and all meme coin enthusiasts across the globe.

We all know that Elon Musk is one of the tycoons in the world. He has involvement in altcoins, like DOGEcoin, and he’s also a big fan of meme coins. He tweets about meme coins regularly and exposes these coins, which are bound to be the following 1000x mooner.

On another note, Toon Finance is the most popular ICO at the moment, and this project has been accepting a lot of attention from the media after blasting through the initial state of the project’s presale.

Presales are the best ways to try a cryptocurrency ICO project before others get involved. in that way, you can be an original investor and have a say in the ICO project. Investors will have time to monitor the crypto project and witness the real-time progress. This project has been one of the biggest projects this year, and it’s also had the most effective presale ICOs, raising over $3 million weekly.

Toon Finance includes a total supply of one billion tokens and 500 million that the project will offer during the presale. There’s another 500 million for the utilization of Decentralized trade pairs. It is a top project which was trending on and

Aside from that, the team chose to provide investors with a special treat during the ICO presale. It created a collection of NFTs with 10,000 original cartoon characters. The team will give these NFTs to the initial 10,000 members of the Toonie Army. It’s one of the best ICO projects with various features, which the community will love.

On another note, TamaDoge falls, wherein the price is trading at $0.034533 with a volume of $4,700,429. It’s down 8.10% in the past 24 hours, and it’s at rank 2677 in the CoinMarketCap ranking.

According to experts, Tama dropped 400% since its start after the Toon Finance project received a lot of attention. Toon Finance is now exceeding Tama, along with Big Eyes, and with this performance, Tama might be the next DOGEcoin with Elon Musk. Not to mention, Musk is a supporter of this project.

Tama traded OKX in specific countries only, which is one reason why it couldn’t sell immediately. It made it more challenging to buy and sell, which caused the downfall of decentralization.

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