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What Is Ether Legends Market Advantage Over Other Gaming Services?



Ether Legends is the best of both worlds it comes down to combining the world of online and offline game play. Ether Legends competitive collectible game features physically playable trading cards but also allowing these cards to be redeemed online through the Ether Legends platform and its innovative use of blockchain technology.

Leveraging the Ethereum platform and blockchain, Ether Legends connects physical collectibles – trading cards – online through utilization of smart contracts. This merging of both physical and digital assets allows players to test their skills in this game on or offline competing with friends and family or a worldwide community of gamers.

Ether Legends allows for game play, whether one on one or two versus two player matches. Players get to earn rewards as they compete worldwide with other players around the world using this online gaming client.

Players in the Ether Legends ecosystem have digital ownership of their in-game content. This is secured by the blockchain and provides players the opportunity to earn rewards while playing.

Game play in the Ether Legends ecosystem is skill based, independent of any middlemen or central controlling authorities.

The smart contracts created using the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform is used to ensure that results and rewards are processed in a secure, speedy and reliable manner. One feature Ether Legend has above other games is that, using blockchain technology and ETH, all transactions which occur in its ecosystem are publicly available and verifiable. This makes it transparent, fraud proof and resistant to counterfeit measures and the usual risks that come with institutional processing. The game draws on blockchain to establish its integrity and credibility.

Another advantage of the Ether Legends gaming service is its decentralized model. It uses peer to peer decentralization which eliminates the need for financial brokers, increased overhead costs and possible hacking that other traditional centralized models run on. Instead, it allows for gaming to be conducted based on the skill of its players, reinforcing fair competition with reliable results verification, without dependence on a 3rd party or payment processors.

Transactional data within the game such as wins, losses, rewards, asset redemptions, wallet balances, and transactions make up part of the verifiable blockchain through the use of smart contracts. They ensure that players have actual digital ownership of all their in-game content and that these cannot be duplicated or forfeited.

Elementeum, with token symbol ELET, is an ERC-20 compliant, Ethereum based token used as currency in the Ether Legends digital ecosystem. Users can use this when playing the game and for transactions within the Ether Legends marketplace.

The Ether Legends team is actively working to enable exchanges of game tokens and digital assets in other exchanges after the token sale is completed.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is scheduled to kick off from February 15, 2018 for a period of 49 days with multiple phases throughout. For all those who participate, you will get a limited edition, Legendary digital collectible trading card, never to be minted again!

For more information on Ether Legends, visit the website or read the whitepaper. You can also send an email to or using the contact page. Keep up with updates and developments via Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

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