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Elcomercio-IX review 2023 – Everything you need to know about Elcomercio-IX



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Elcomercio-IX Review

Elcomercio-IX specializes in online trading, promising smart solutions for anyone who wishes to join its ranks. It does so by keeping things simple, while also ensuring strong security, smooth trade execution and client privacy.

This is a multi-asset trading brand, which means that traders interested in various markets can find it convenient to open an account with this brand. You probably wish to know more about Elcomercio-IX by now, so here are some key benefits that are unlocked once you sign up with the broker. 

trading crypto with Elcomercio-IX

Diverse asset coverage

When talking about trading products, the brand shows a broad vision, covering several popular markets including:

  • Tens of currency pairs
  • Stocks listed in the U.S., UK, Germany and other major countries
  • Popular stock market indices
  • Commodities such as energy, precious metals and industrials
  • Cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, and tens of other altcoins

Access to a long list of instruments these days is key because markets have a rather muted performance right now. Many are not willing to take longer-term risks and because of that, they play the intraday price movements. These assets are ideal in that environment, thanks to low trading costs and fast execution. Elcomercio-IX lets you trade with leverage up to 1:400, depending on your account choice. 


For the time being, traders can choose between Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP Platinium accounts. With four options at your disposal, there is a very high chance that one of them will fit your needs, considering deposit capabilities and expected trading benefits. 

Elcomercio-IX trading instruments

Elcomercio-IX relies on STP trade execution to ensure accuracy and speed. There are no trading commissions charged, so the only costs you need to pay attention to are spreads and overnight swaps. 

A personal account manager is there to assist you at any point, regardless of your account choice. When you want to make a deposit, that can be done fast when using a credit or debit card. The list of payment options supported depends on your country of residence as well.

Quality features

The broker promises quality trading features and one of them is access to reputable trading software. MT4 is the platform you get to use to engage in the markets and it has plenty of tools suited for many strategies. 

Fast withdrawals directly to your bank account are also possible, without neglecting security. The process is relatively simple – you need to send a withdrawal request, and Elcomercio-IX will review and process it. Transparency and security are also highlighted by the brand, which means your funds and information are kept safe away from third parties. 

Elcomercio-IX logo

Bottom line

Elcomercio-IX comes to the market with a straightforward trading offer, ensuring decent trading conditions even if you choose to start on a small account. Looking at spreads, trading platforms, account types and safety features, this seems to be an ideal trading environment, and that’s why we certainly rank it high among our list of brokers.


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