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SpearGpt Review – The financial markets at your fingertips



About SpearGpt

SpearGpt was established with the goal of addressing traders of all trading levels, providing them with access to popular financial markets and trusted tools. The broker also promises customized support from highly qualified account managers with years of experience in the field. 

Working with SpearGpt is advantageous even for those who are still learning about online trading. There’s a comprehensive trading academy open to anyone who signs up for a live trading account (but more on that later). If these benefits sound good to you, then you should read further to find out more about the features that you can access with SpearGpt


The assets you can trade are the most important feature of a broker, especially today, when diversification is key to a healthy trading routine. With this respect, the brand seems to have struck a proper balance asset-wise, given the diversity of CFDs currently part of its asset index.

trading commodities with SpearGpt

Traders have access to global stocks, indices, FX, and crypto, all of which are highly traded and carry decent trading costs. You can also trade the commodities market because SpearGpt covers oil, gold, silver, industrials and agricultural commodities. We believe the assets available for trading are fairly balanced, so you can open an account and design a portfolio based on your own tastes. 


Moving on to the Trading Academy, this is another interesting benefit accessible by all SpearGpt clients. It’s an impressive bundle of learning material, tailored towards beginners and intermediate traders alike. The resources currently integrated cover a broad range of topics, including technical/fundamental analysis, platform tutorials, how to develop a strategy, risk management and Fibonacci trading, to name just a few. 

SpearGpt trading academy

All of this content is uploaded on the web, meaning you can access them from anywhere and at any time, and learn to trade at your own pace.

Trading software

SpearGpt covers a web-based trading platform which is accessible from any device. It keeps things simple and we believe that literally everyone should be able to intuitively use the platform, without needing assistance. If you do get stuck, though, you can always talk to one of their representatives. 

Under the hood, we found advanced charting, technical indicators, multiple order types and risk management tools. These are common features that any adequate platform should carry today, and it is not something that you should compromise about. 

Thanks to its browser-based software, SpearGpt grants access to the markets while you are on the go as well. Many traders today prefer to operate from a smartphone, considering how unpredictable the markets can be from time to time. 

SpearGpt logo


SpearGpt promises optimal trading conditions in exchange for low deposit requirements. All customers are treated the same since there is only one standard live account. Moreover, this brand has the potential to meet the expectations of beginner traders, who might need guidance. SpearGpt offers highly qualified account managers, on top of its comprehensive trading academy. All of these are useful trading resources if you’re interested in the markets in 2023. 

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