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Crypto Business Blogging : Make Sure They Know How To Follow You



The Crypto Business Blogging is becoming very popular and competitive. If you are in a tiny niche, or a niche that isn’t Internet savvy, your prospects and customers may not even know they are reading a blog. They just simply like the information you are providing.

The important thing isn’t to make sure they know they are reading a blog; it’s to make sure they know how to follow you on a regular basis. Start by understanding RSS, and how it can work for you.

Understand RSS. RSS is still a relatively new concept – one that not all of your prospects and clients may understand.

RSS (really simple syndication) provides an easy way for you to connect up and share information with your readers. There are a variety of ways to do this. In it’s the easiest format, every blog comes with some type of RSS feed.


Highlight your feed, and tell your clients about it.

In Internet Explorer, when you click to subscribe, a new screen will appear that will ask you to subscribe to the feed.

RSS subscribe

When you click, it will open up a box. Here you can change the name it’s saved under, and assign it to folders within your feed favorites.

RSS subscribe 2

Now that you are subscribed, you can visit your feeds anytime you like. In Internet Explorer, you have a favorites button in the top left-hand corner. You can store your Favorites, which are your favorite web addresses, or your Feeds from your favorite blog RSS feeds.

Then any time you click on your favorite Feeds, you can instantly see who has posted new entries to their blogs. Bold entries have new posts. No new entries if its not.

Other browsers work in similar manners.

This is the simplest way to begin getting followers. From there, you can get even more sophisticated, which we’ll follow up on in later posts.

The important thing is to understand it yourself and request your prospects and clients follow you.

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