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Why Investors and Customers vanish without Investing in Your ICO



For every business, receiving customer feedback is the only way by which it can determine whether it is on the right track, or it has lost its direction. However, this is complicated by the fact that very few customers will ever come back to the business and openly communicate their dissatisfaction with the services received. They instead opt to share the dissatisfaction with their friends and colleagues one on one, leaving the affected business in the dark.

Unless shared in publicly visible forums such as and social media, it may not be possible for you, the owner to know what is wrong with your business practices. It is, however, possible for you to determine why customers are not coming back, and instead choosing to work with your competitors. You should determine this by looking at these following issues affecting all clients.

1. You were not able to keep a promise

Regardless of any other operations that your business is running, what brings customers to your doorstep are the products of offer, or service you are promising to deliver. Often, before a client comes to your store, he will have seen an advertisement you are running. For every advertisement, there is often a particular promise made to a prospective product user.

The advert may guarantee your client that he will enjoy certain benefits by using a product that is on sale. When this customer purchases that product and is not able to see any advantage from its use, you can be sure that is not going to come back.

If running a pricing discount, make sure your customer can see the savings being made. Many a times, a business will operate a price offer, only to add hidden charges to the final price. That client will, for this reason, end up feeling cheated.

2. Poor customer service practices

The people you hire to interact with your clients are the face of your company. Given that you cannot communicate with all clients, you need to hire jubilant and joyful customer service personnel.

Even if you do find that one group of employees who possess this rare personality, there are times when personnel are not be able to maintain their calm for one reason or another. As the owner, you need to make customer service training mandatory for all staff.

From here, you can introduce monitoring systems to check up on their interactions with clients. Management supervision can also come in handy for monitoring employees. Where customer service is via call, recording and analyzing the calls will help ensure clients receive excellent treatment.

3. Sending spam email and mail

Also known as unwanted solicitation, this is where a business decides to send mass emails customers in their database. At first it may appear to be a good marketing idea, but there are clients who get disgusted by this form of commercialization.

As such, they resort to deleting the mail upon receipt. The best business marketing technique is only to send the emails to customers who have an active subscription to your emails.

4. They received a better deal from your competitors

Firms have been known to use various means such as lowering prices or even offering products with more features to attract more clients. To ensure that this never happens, make good use of the web. Set up alerts on Google pages to inform you of price changes.

As a business person, you are in a position to retain the customers that your company already has. Introduce regular monitoring to help you keep old clients and also contribute to attracting others.

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