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Top 5 ICO Listing Sites in 2018

Amy Tori



The proliferation of ICOs is staggering. According to CoinSchedule’s ongoing tracker as of 5/29, 343 ICO’s have already launched in 2018 and raised a cumulative $8.9 billion in 2018–and we haven’t even reached Q3 yet.  And if you’re someone who is actively interested in investing in potential crypto-backed solutions, then the oversaturation of coin offerings to hit the market can make the process of choosing your next investment overwhelming, to say the least.

In an attempt to make your life easier, here is a list of some of the ICO lists that you should check out if you’re interested in understanding how emerging ventures are using crypto to fuel their ideas.

1. ICO Reports

As an independently curated site, ICO Reports offers comprehensive listing information for upcoming offerings spanning verticals.

The site allows individuals to submit their own listings to be included in the database, at which point the ICO Reports team dives into their team, roadmap, and whitepaper to compile as much information as possible to give potential investors and customers an accurate snapshot of the ways in which this offering can potentially disrupt an industry.

2. ICO Charts

For an investor new to the ICO world, the challenge of pinpointing quality ICOs to follow and financially back is intimidating–to say the least. ICO Charts not only vets every listing submission that comes through to their site based on white paper quality, team experience, and the coding behind the project, but they also curate an ICO Shortlist, which features the projects their team find promising.

3. ICO Alert

Their database is divided between, Active, Upcoming, and Concluded ICOs making it easy to sift and search through the far-reaching range of crypto-market prospects.

Beyond simply including company, solution descriptions and dates of importance, ICO Alert also informs prospective investors of any rules or constraints that may confine a potential offering. For example, if only U.S. accredited investors are allowed to buy into a piece of the offering, that constraint is clearly stated.

4. ICOBench

ICOBench also includes ratings compiled from experts ranging across industries. So, when you’re browsing through this listing site’s information, you can be sure that the opinions and ratings given are pulled from a wide pool, rather than a small subset of crypto enthusiasts. Each company offering is ranked on three categories: team, vision, and product.

A brief background of each expert weighing in on this company’s offering is also provided, so you can gain a better sense of how an ICO Advisor, Editor, Blockchain Consultant, or Investment Analysis view the potential of this team and its solution.

5. CoinLauncher

While many investors are focusing on the next imminent sale, you may want to look ahead to the sale that is likely to disrupt the ICO world three or four months on. CoinLauncher is dedicated to tracking upcoming offerings. While they do include a list of Active and Completed ICOs, their Newly Added and Starting Soon categories are particularly helpful to those looking to plan for the future. You can search and sift through Newly Added listings by the date added, the type of blockchain the solution utilizes, industry category and start date.  

There’s no right way to choose a crypto-solution worthy of your backing. And there’s no right list to choose to help you to make that solution. Luckily, there’s an abundance of resources, like these five, available to provide the most comprehensive pictures of the blockchain-based solutions eager to disrupt every major vertical.

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