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5 of the Biggest (and Most Surprising) Names to Join the ShipChain Team

Amy Tori



The entrepreneurial world is huge. It’s full of companies, prominent figures and revolutionary technologies. Needless to say, it has a lot of moving parts, and when new opportunities arise, the entrepreneurial world rearranges itself.

When an advancement presents itself, it often causes seemingly disparate individuals to align. Most recently, ShipChain, a catalyst for change in the entrepreneurial space, has risen to power. Their platform spans the entire supply chain on one fully integrated system. In other words, you can track a shipment from the moment it leaves a factory to the second it arrives on your doorstep on their platform.

Since the shipping and freight industry is expected to grow to $15.5 trillion by 2023, it’s no wonder big-name entrepreneurs are signing up to advise and work for a company that has the potential to permanently improve one of the largest industries on the planet.

1) Kevin Harrington

One of the first entrepreneurs to sign on and help ShipChain was Kevin Harrington, an original host of the hit TV show “Shark Tank.” Known as the “inventor of the infomercial,” Harrington was one of the first pioneers of the “As Seen On TV” industry.

After launching more than 500 products, Harrington decided to apply his talents to help ShipChain analyze their opportunities and market more effectively across a variety of channels.

You only stay in front by coming up with ideas your competitors haven’t thought of yet, and that’s exactly what ShipChain is doing. Although blockchain technology is rising in popularity in fintech, ShipChain is one of the first companies to adapt its revolutionary technological backbone—blockchain technology—to the shipping and logistics industries.

2) Brandon T. Adams

Looking at Brandon T. Adam’s resumé, you might liken him to a television star. He’s the co-host of “Ambitious Adventures,” which was recently nominated for an Emmy Award, and he is also involved in “Think and Grow Rich,” a film that seeks to enriches lives, support financial literacy and inspire humans from around the world.

After ShipChain’s successful Token Generation Event pre-sale, which took place in April of 2017, Adams decided he wanted to get involved with the company. Since then, he’s helped ShipChain with their wide-reaching press and marketing campaigns.

3) Brian D. Evans

Brian D. Evans is the owner of the 25th fastest growing advertising and marketing agency in America, founder of and one of the most influential business journalists in the world. With 15 years of online advertising experience, Evans has a talent for working with companies that impact millions.

When Evans heard of ShipChain, he knew that the industry was ripe for disruption. Not being his first time disrupting large industries, Evans knew ShipChain could succeed in the space, so he joined the effort as ShipChain’s chief marketing officer. Thanks to his work, ShipChain has started strong and become a well-known topic of discussion within the space.

4) Joel Comm

After starting his career as a radio personality, Joel Comm has become a well-known American author and digital marketer. Most recently, Comm’s established himself as a blockchain evangelist by hosting “The Bad Crypto Podcast.”

Comm is fascinated with the blockchain revolution and its potential to change the world. More specifically, he’s grown excited about the big changes blockchain could have in the shipping and logistics spaces. Five months ago, Comm signed onto the advisory board for ShipChain and he’s eagerly awaiting the testing of the platform, which will start in March of this year.

5) Sam Rusani

Sam Rusani is a serial entrepreneur, cryptocurrency enthusiast and blockchain evangelist. After advising several multi-million dollar businesses, Sam’s turned his sights to advising blockchain companies on their business development and contributing to global campaigns.

For Rusani, joining ShipChain as their chief revenue officer seemed like an opportunity too big to pass up. “Since June of 2017, I’ve watched our platform grow and improve at an incredible rate, said Rusani. “Soon, businesses and consumers won’t have to deal with convoluted shipment tracking and inefficient third parties. Thanks to ShipChain, we’re going to have more power and say over how we track and trace our goods than ever before.”

Greater Than ‘the Sum of Its Parts’

The business landscape is always in flux. As new concepts arise, there’s an opportunity to create something innovative and better than its predecessor.

Years ago, John Monarch, Chief Executive Officer of ShipChain, realized that he could revolutionize the logistics industry, from postal logistics and parcel private carriers to air, sea and intermodal land freights. Shortly after that, he started to attract some of the biggest names in the business world to his cause.

From the outside looking in, the ShipChain team may seem disjointed, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although their team and advisors come from a variety of backgrounds, they all have a common connection—a belief that they can disrupt the transport and logistics industries on the blockchain.


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