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Meet Vibeo: Our Pick for the Top Blockchain Chat App of 2018

Amy Tori



Messaging apps have changed the way we communicate on our smartphones. There once was a time where consumers were paying a fixed fee for each SMS text message sent from their phones. “The Rising Cost of Texting”, published in 2008, offers a glimpse into what now feels like ancient history, where a single text message would cost you $0.20!

Back then you could literally save money by using all of the ugly shorthand abbreviations to communicate. Sentences like “b rdy asap otw 4 u” furiously typed out via T9 predictive text on a ultrathin flip phone were the necessary standard back then to avoid racking up a monster phone bill.

It was no secret that carriers were robbing their customers with this price scheme. That same article determined the maximum file size of a complete 160 character SMS text works out to around 140 bytes. That’s less than 1 second of audio from a song you’d get from iTunes today, and yet carriers were finding a way to sleep at night charging their customers $0.20 a pop.

This would change over time; perhaps due to consumer backlash, competition, or carriers realizing that the text message was essential to the mobile phone experience.

The next major shift in mobile communication is still underway: messaging apps. Messaging apps take the core feature of instant messaging and surround it with an array of complementary features designed to better the shared experience.

Modern messaging apps today enable users to broadcast their live location to friends, send directions to their shared destination, send/receive files, and more. Chinese app WeChat goes a step further, fully integrating itself into its user’s daily lives by enabling payments directly from the app itself.

Vibeo: The Future of Messaging, Powered by the Blockchain

Many see WeChat as a shining example of the utility a messaging app can bring to its users. In a post titled, “How WeChat came to rule China”, analyst Ben Thompson tried to explain just how important WeChat is to the average Chinese citizen:

“It may be hard for people outside of China to grasp just how influential WeChat has become there. “For all intents and purposes WeChat is your phone, and to a far greater extent in China than anywhere else, your phone is everything..“There is nothing in any other country that is comparable: not LINE, not WhatsApp, not Facebook.”

WeChat’s influence in China begs the question — should one company have all this power?

Vibeo is an upcoming blockchain startup which certainly doesn’t think so. Aiming to serve as the most complete and advanced instant messaging app powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Vibeo wants to deliver the same utility as WeChat does, but in a decentralized fashion.

Vibeo already has an early version of its messaging app available on both Android and iPhone, but its first major decentralized release is expected in September later this year.

Vibeo will undergo a public crowd sale to finance the development of the application, form key partnerships, cover marketing expenses, and other key responsibilities crucial to the app’s success. The ‘VBEO’ token will be purchased by merchants for the intents of listing their services on the interactive Vibeo map; a feature that will showcase nearby points of interest, friends, and more.

There will be 80,000,000 VBEO tokens issued. 1 ETH will earn you a return of 5,000 VBEO. For more information on how you can participate, visit the official Vibeo website here.

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