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Ether Legends – Blockchain Trading Card Game and Gaming Platform!

The Ether Legends trading card game and gaming platform ELET token ICO are set to start February 15th, 00:00 UTC in multiple phases lasting 49 days.

Elementeum Games, LLC has created a blockchain trading card game “Ether Legends” with a limitless gaming platform worthy of a closer look, built on Ethereum. Ether Legends takes all of the great things about physical and digital collectible trading card games and combines them into one for a next generation trading card user experience.

This article is focused on digital content ownership, showing the value on one of the many features available within the Ether Legends platform.

The significance of owning your data is something most are not used to, let alone even heard of. With blockchain technology there is a very unique aspect in ownership of data, what some are calling “digital assets.”  You can think of a digital asset as ownership of any piece of data uniquely captured and controlled by a consumer.

Let’s run through one small scenario to give you a picture of the digital asset and content ownership significance from a gaming perspective.

For example…You are playing a game you really enjoy! You have a character you have played for 6 months, have leveled it up to level 50, have 25 pieces of gear, an amazing win record of 100-1-1, that make YOU and that character absolutely amazing. You are emotionally attached to this character from the time you have put into this. You grow tired of being so amazing; you no longer want to play this character or game anymore.

In the current centralized gaming model you can do the following:

  1. Try and sell your character on eBay with the risk that if you are caught, your account and character would be banned forever, total loss, because you violate the a use agreement.
  2. You can’t sell your gear or equipment (even in-game) because it’s bound to that account
  3. You can’t sell the time you have put into it, the experience or otherwise

Conclusion: You are beholden to the game, stuck with a character that you earned but since you do not own it in any fashion, it isn’t yours to do anything with, other than continue to play it. The property belongs to the company and stuck on their server forever, hopefully the server doesn’t crash?

In a decentralized gaming model using the Ethereum platform such as Ether Legends offers, you can do the following:

  1. You can sell or trade your character through the marketplace, or transfer ownership to a friend, family member or anyone else in the world with an ERC20 compatible wallet
  2. You could sell each one of the 25 pieces of gear as each would be their own unique digital asset or unique token on the blockchain
  3. The experience earned is actually its own digital asset and is a measurement of time you have put in leveling a character. It can also be traded or sold independently as a digital asset
  4. Your win record of 100-1-1 is part of the character data and part of the blockchain, so all of your history is tied to that unique character.

Conclusion: The players have the power. There is real value in digital assets. In just about any scenario, a player has the choice to do what they want with their data at any time, because all digital content is boiled down to ERC20 compatible tokens, making them independent and unique digital assets on the Blockchain. Decentralized data models also protect users from loss of data.

Ether Legends trading cards add real value for players that want to collect, play, and earn rewards.

Ether Legends designed this game with Blockchain in mind. Digital game play, exchange of digital assets and rewards that are governed by smart contracts autonomously which eliminate the need for a 3rd party processing, reducing overhead costs and giving the power to the players.

CryptoKitties for example is a great use of a self-governing game using blockchain technology. Ether Legends extends beyond a marketplace into actual competitive matches and strategic game play. You choose your 3 best champions versus an opponent’s 3 best champions and you fight it out in the arena until there is one left standing. Each of the champions has abilities of strength depending on their class, elemental type and special attributes. Endless levels of strategic depth exist for those who want more out of the game.

Participating in competitive matches, players can earn digital rewards such as Elementeum, digital cards, digital skins, digital items and experience, all stand-alone digital assets. For more information, we invite you to read the white paper and participate in the token sale.

Those who hold Elementeum, hold the power!

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